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Reviews of "SoulShine"

This entire album is a virtual journey to a time when music was created to enrich the listener. Their overwhelming positivity is wholly matched by the musicianship, as the music is as clear as the message: Set your troubles aside and dance, its time to get down. -

I enjoyed last night and am glad I finally got to sit down and listen to you guys and I just want to let you and Greg know you've done a great job...Rhonda, I really really like your voice and I honestly believe that the world needs more smooth voices like yours. Well done; I really enjoyed it. - Frank Bradford

A stellar effort. After years as a support act, Greg & Rhonda finally get the chance to show what they can do. A welcome effort from veterans of the Indy music scene. Can't wait for the sophomore release! Go get 'em SoulShine!!! - Chris Gammon

SoulShine was an Editor's Pick on CD Baby!